CMP Broker Lifestyle Survey: What should we ask?

CMP Broker Lifestyle Survey: What should we ask?

CMP Broker Lifestyle Survey: What should we ask? Last year marked the inaugural Broker Lifestyle Issue and in it, we uncovered just what exactly makes up the average mortgage broker. But this year, we’d like to get even more detailed so let us know what questions you’d like to see us ask in the comments below.

CMP is now set to delve deeper into what it means to be a broker and publish the industry’s first-ever “Broker Lifestyle” survey. Our objective is to give mortgage brokers the kind of industry profile other professions have and, more specifically, give you a sense of just how much you have in common with your peers across the country.

We hope to glean information about the most popular car choice, clothing preferences, housing preferences and, well, more sensitive issues such as average salary. Of course, all answers will be collected anonymously to ensure the utmost privacy and names won’t appear anywhere in print.

The survey takes no more than five minutes to complete and will be launched in the coming days – once we’re collected your input, that is.

So please, post in the comments below the sort of information you think we should be asking in our second Broker Lifestyle issue. 
  • Jay 2014-10-01 12:39:37 PM
    I would be interested in the technology brokers are using to keep in touch with their borrowers after funding e.g. Sales force, Maximizer, Incontact, Revo.
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  • Paul 2014-10-01 7:29:47 PM
    I'd like to know about activity in the private second mortgage market
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  • Iain 2014-10-02 12:39:58 PM
    I would like to know several things:
    1) What level of education does the average broker have?
    2) Does the average broker push beyond a better interest rate, offered by the banks, and put forward a better solution?
    3) In order to achieve 2) above many more questions need to be answered than contained in the average application form. What are some of the questions that the average broker asks in order to achieve 2)?
    4) In order to achieve 2) a far better knowledge/understanding of other things is required, such as:
    - estate planning
    - capital gains
    - interest expense
    - leverage
    - accounting
    to name a few. How often are these things involved in providing a better solution for the average client by their broker?
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