CMHC welcomes public comment on housing

CMHC welcomes public comment on housing

CMHC welcomes public comment on housing This is a chance for brokers to help shape housing policy.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has launched an initiative to collect “bold and innovative ideas” from Canadians, which will allow them to help shape the nation’s housing strategy.

“Canadians know that housing matters. It’s more than bricks and mortar…Housing is the cornerstone of building sustainable, inclusive communities and a strong Canadian economy where we can all thrive.  Yet, too many Canadians are unable to find or afford decent housing,” Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said in a video at the launch of the campaign. “Our government is already investing in housing to address the most pressing needs.

“But we also know that we need to do things differently in the future. For that purpose, we’re developing a national housing strategy to chart the course for better housing, socio-economic and environmental outcomes for all Canadians, including those living in Indigenous and Northern communities.”

The initiative, which has been dubbed “Let’s Talk Housing,” encourages members of the private sector, non-profits, municipalities, and housing industry stakeholders to share their respective views on what is needed to help improve Canada’s housing.

Those interested in taking part can share their thoughts and submit ideas for consideration.
What are the major issues that should be addressed? Share them below.
  • Linda 2016-09-21 10:29:27 AM
    We need to lower the price of housing. In the event CMHC has to pay for the price of the house it is better that the numbers will be lower. Younger generations are finding it difficult to purchase a house even with two people. It used to be that one person could afford a house. Now whats the point? Why waste your whole life working for a house? $500,000 for a house which is worth $250,000. All this easy credit... I think its about time for people to start defaulting... and shoot down the people trying to scam them.
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