CMHC continues to explore foreign investment data

CMHC continues to explore foreign investment data

CMHC continues to explore foreign investment data More voices are joining the chorus calling for better data on foreign investment in Canada as home prices, especially in major markets, continue to sky-rocket.

“People are putting forward all these solutions on how to fix so-called foreign speculation, but we don’t even know if it’s really happening,” Kennedy Stewart, the NDP MP for Burnaby-Douglas in British Columbia told the Financial Post. “This really worries me, because you can really mess up your housing market if you don’t use the right mechanism.”

Many industry players believe foreign investment is inflating real estate prices and that more data is required to determine just how much overseas money is pouring into the market.

In late 2014, the CMHC contacted property managers in every condo structure that has three or more units – a list of contacts that has been used to ascertain vacancy rates for years – and leveraged those sources to get a glimpse of foreign investment numbers.

It defined foreign investors as owners whose primary residence isn’t in Canada.

The results of that survey revealed that foreign investment accounts for 1.1 per cent in Victoria, 2.3 per cent in Vancouver, 0.2 per cent in Calgary, 0.1 per cent in Edmonton, 0.3 per cent in Saskatoon, 0.1 per cent in Regina, 0.1 per cent in Winnipeg, 2.4 per cent in Toronto, 0.7 per cent in Ottawa, and 1.5 per cent in Montreal.

However, a CMHC rep admitted the data wasn’t perfect.

“Our main interest here is that foreign investors are one of those data gaps that everyone is wondering about and so we’re trying to do something to try to provide at least a piece of the puzzle,” Bob Dugan, chief economist at CMHC’s Market Analysis Centre, told MBN at the time. “So it’s probably not the perfect estimate of foreign investors and we’ll continue to work on this question but I think it’s a pretty good piece of information.”

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  • Christina Horvath 2015-06-23 10:35:02 AM
    There are too many people moving to the big cities too quickly. Immigration is great but the numbers need to be slowed down so that our cities get back to a healthier equilibrium. I make an exception for refugees whom I think we should not turn our backs on.
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  • Dale 2015-06-23 2:05:09 PM
    "However, a CMHC rep admitted the data wasn’t perfect." No kidding, that data smells way over cooked to prove an agenda. CMHC wouldn't possibly be in league with the Real Estate Developers? lol. The amount of Foreign Real Estate Investment in Vancouver is definitely much, much higher than this article suggests. Just look around at all the empty houses, 9/10 are Foreign Owned. This article is weak at best.
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  • Terra Windsor 2015-06-23 3:27:11 PM
    It is disappointing to note that the NDP MP for Burnaby Douglas, Kennedy Stewart, failed to speak out against the recent massacre of 43 Ismailis by militants in a Karachi bus attack. There is a large Ismaili Centre located in his riding and many are probably wondering where their MP stands.

    Canada has given refuge to many Ismailis and both Harper and Trudeau were quick to condemn the massacre. Sadly, the NDP lacks depth when it comes to foreign policy.
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