CMAs to include new award category

CMAs to include new award category

CMAs to include new award category
The Manulife Mortgage Protection Plan Award For Best Community Service Effort Of The Year
Chris Turcotte, CENTUM Mortgage Choice Inc.
David Wild, Dave McNabb, Pam Pikkert and team, DLC Regional Mortgage Group
Mark Kerzner / Grant & Debbie Thomas, TMG The Mortgage Group
Graeme Moss, Verico Fair Mortgage Solutions
Melanie Bell- Fournier, Mortgage Architects, Epic Mortgage Solutions
Paul Bojakli & Todd Fralic, Quantus Mortgage Solutions
Peter House, Mortgage Intelligence, The House Team
Tracy Bennett, Mortgage Intelligence, Bennett Capital
The Titan Equity Group Award For Diversifier Of The Year
CFF Bank
DLC Expert Financial
First Foundation Residential Mortgages
Invis Mortgage Intelligence
Mortgage Architects, Mortgages
True North Mortgage
Verico North East Mortgages
VERICO Safebridge Financial Group
Sponsorships are still available for a handful of awards. Contact our event coordinator for details. 

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  • @kiltedbroker 2015-03-26 12:49:23 PM
    LOVE that WIMI was nominated for Best Industry Service Provider... WIMI is awesome, Bonkers that what started as a Facebook group is competing for an award with a company like D + H. Well done ladies, you are absolutely crushing it!

    Now... who is gonna start the MIMI group to compete with the women next year? aha.
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  • Bart Simpson 2015-03-26 1:40:18 PM
    Interesting that CMP is in bed with a non-compliant company, and hasn't reported on this story yet:

    I guess if you spend enough money with CMP on ads in their magazine and on sponsoring an award, they don't care if what you are doing is illegal!
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