CMA's customer service award sponsor speaks out

CMA's customer service award sponsor speaks out


Customer service is a crucial aspect of mortgage brokering and the upcoming Canadian Mortgage Awards will reward the individual office who best exemplifies outstanding customer service.

“Without our customer, our industry doesn’t exist; we have always believed that there is an opportunity to provide far better service and product quality for our customers then if they just go direct to their bank, but it takes a lot to gain the long term trust of a customer,” Chris Karram, co-founder of Verico Safebridge Financial told “We, as an industry, have to over-deliver, outshine and exceed our customers’ expectations in order to help demonstrate that securing their mortgage through the broker channel truly is in their best interest.”

Safebridge Financial are this year’s sponsor of the award. It’s the customer service, according to Karram, that sets the mortgage broker industry apart from its competition at the big banks.

“If all we do is meet the same expectations they have for the bank or banks they work with, why would they go through the hassle of moving their mortgage and the additional paper work that comes with that?” Karram mused. “We have no choice but to exceed the expectations that Canadians have and, quite frankly, this award represents the very people and brokers across the country that are doing that every single day.”

And as the managing partner of a successful brokerage, Karram has some ideas about what exemplifies good customer service.

“Product options are just one reason a Canadian would consider doing business with a broker, but we still have to prove that we are not just a product-pushing industry, but rather a service-first industry if we are going to gain the trust of our Canadian customers and, of course, increase our market share in doing so,” he said.

This year’s CMAs are set for May 9th and voting is now open. Click here to vote cast your vote for the various categories, including best customer service.

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    This is an important award. Well Said Chris.
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