Clients feel lender demands are ‘lunacy’

Clients feel lender demands are ‘lunacy’

Clients feel lender demands are ‘lunacy’ Lenders have had to adapt to changing guidelines, which have caused tighter underwriting resulting in delays – much to the mounting frustration of clients as well as their brokers.

 “ … I attended a lenders meeting a while ago and expressed concerns about policies versus the customer (sentiment),” Lorne Rackel, general manager with Jayman Financial, wrote in the comments section of “The process is all about documenting a file and the customer pays the price of inconvenience and then becomes frustrated with us as brokers.
“They think some of our requests for documents borders on lunacy.”

Of course, document demands are neither the fault of the broker nor the lender. As industry players point out, they’re merely the result of stringent underwriting guidelines that seem to apply specifically to the broker industry.

“What I find interesting … is that no one has tabled the fact that the big five play with a completely different set of rules,” Blair Goodman, financing specialist with Dominion Lending Centres in British Columbia, wrote on “Why aren't our designated associations and representatives lobbying the government to demand the entire industry play by the same set of rules?”

The comments come on the heels of a number of brokers expressing frustrations about income verification requirements that have delays – and in some cases spoiled – deals.

Brokers have struggled with gifted funds, as well as seemingly insignificant bank account balances that resulted in delays while trying to verify.
  • SWK 2015-11-23 10:10:28 AM
    We had a 480k mortgage declined after the approval. It was very legitimate as a full time purchaser went casual to return to school. This was found at time of telephone confirmation with employer. CIBC obviously did not get phone confirmation or ignored it. Mortgage fraud?
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  • Brian Matthey 2015-11-23 10:13:56 AM
    I am sure it is the various investors used by Monolines, which in many cases happens to be the banks.Thoughts?
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  • Jivan Sanghera 2015-11-23 10:38:38 AM
    I'm of the opinion that anyone trading in mortgages whether branch or Broker should be licensed. Personal Bankers aren't allowed to sell stocks as they are not licensed. They should not be allowed to sell Mortgages either. I agree that our associations should be fighting to level the playing field. The "my bank never asked me for that" conversation has to be my least favourite of all.
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