CIBC report confirms FirstLine revenue slide

CIBC report confirms FirstLine revenue slide

CIBC report confirms FirstLine revenue slide

CIBC’s annual report is now pegging a dollar figure to the closure of FirstLine, the move appearing to cost the bank $20 million in revenue for fiscal 2012.

That number is in the finest of print in its annual report, released this week.

“Other was down $20 million or 5 per cent, primarily due to lower revenue relating to FirstLine mortgages,” reads the report, referencing the reclassification of revenue from FirstLine into the “other” category.

The revenue slide is likely the result of two factors – the declining number of deals brokers sent FirstLine during its final days and CIBC’s decision to shutdown the broker lender just before the final quarter.

The report doesn’t specifically itemize originations for the year nor offer CIBC projections for just how much of FirstLine renewals it expects to convert to CIBC branded mortgages.

That switch is very much part of the plan, with the report reiterating the bank’s desire to bring those clients into the CIBC branch family for cross-selling opportunities.

“We exited the FirstLine mortgage broker channel and are renewing FirstLine clients into CIBC branded mortgages where we have the opportunity to cross-sell and deepen client relationships,” states the report.

Brokers are now focused on stymieing those plans, if renewal through CIBC isn’t best for the client, one industry veteran told


  • Arthur G 2012-12-07 11:40:08 PM
    Once again a very unbalanced article. Who cares what their revenue was? Without knowing costs it's irrelevant ! They stated th left the market due to an unprofitable channel. Knowing their net contribution would have been an interesting fact. But without that, this is it inflamatory reporting, again.
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  • Gaetano M 2012-12-08 6:23:31 AM
    In the last 2 years I had been consciously choosing other lenders for my clients, however in the previous years Firstline had enjoyed a large percentage of my business. Since the announcement that CIBC was going to divest itself of the Firstline unit, and ultimately their decision to wind up the Firstline operations I have been diverting all renewals to other lenders. In all cases it has been in the client's best interests due to rate and other considerations,and of course I get paid! I believe that going forward CIBC will understand that we the brokers are not going to go quietly into that good night and let them have OUR clients for free!
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