Centum enhances professional training for agents

Centum enhances professional training for agents

Centum Financial becomes the latest broker network to up its professional development game, choosing industry trainer REMIC to help agents expand their knowledge base as the market makes it tougher to nail down originations.

“Consumers demand exceptional counsel from Canada's mortgage brokers, and Centum is dedicated to ensuring that our mortgage brokers are able to offer that advanced guidance by being the best trained in the industry," said Paul Therien, director of business development for the Vancouver-headquartered super broker.

The deal is meant to arm more than 2,500 Centum mortgage professionals, in 260 offices across the country, with REMIC's suite of training products. The program will be a mixture of go-at-your-own-pace online training, with an in-class component to follow.


"The idea is that it will eventually take the form of a diploma program," Therien told MortgageBroker.com, "one that could someday be extended to the industry."

That fits with the mandate of the organization doing the teaching. The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC), a member-driven online community of brokers, is focused on increasing overall performance of industry professionals though in-class and online training and by providing resources in both residential and commercial brokering.

"It is our firm belief that every Canadian benefits by using a qualified mortgage broker for all of their financing needs,” said Joe White, REMIC president, “and our innovative training products are designed to assist mortgage brokers in obtaining and maintaining the qualifications to meet those needs."

Broker networks across the country are ramping up efforts to give agents theweapons to better compete with the banks. That battle become even more fierce as originations across several markets slows. Bank market share hasn’t necessarily taken the same dip, as they beef up mortgage specialist numbers and advertising campaigns. For many brokers, the dual move has highlighted the need to further differentiate themselves and their services from bank employees. A large part of that is making sure they live up to the boast of “mortgage experts.”