CAAMP's new Board of Directors announced

CAAMP's new Board of Directors announced


CAAMP’s board of directors now includes two more practicing brokers, with the association introducing a total of six new directors at its annual general meeting in Niagara Falls Thursday.

 Of those six new directors, four were elected and two acclaimed.

 In Ontario, David Gyurits and President Dan Putnam were elected in a race that saw 10 candidates contend for two spots. Also elected were Daniel Migneault (Quebec) and practicing broker Ajay Soni (BC/Yukon). Paul Kozan (Saskatchewan/Nunavut), a second active broker, and Michael Wolfe (Alberta/NWT) were acclaimed. Out of a total of 17 members, the CAAMP board now has five members who are practising brokers.

 Re-appointed for another one-year term were Indra Bains-Ladha, AMP (Alberta/NWT) and Scott Ede, AMP (Alberta/NWT).

 Merix’s Boris Bozic will serve as CAAMP’s new Chair, with Joe Pinheiro maintaining a seat on the board as Past-Chair.

 Returning members of the board are: Jennifer Braid (Ontario), Stan Falkowski (Ontario), Daryl Harris (Manitoba), Todd Harris (Atlantic), Tim Mezik (Ontario), Feisal Panjwani (BC/Yukon), Emilio Tammaro (Quebec).

The 2011/2012 Executive Committee will be selected in the coming weeks.

  • Ron Butler 2011-10-22 4:31:43 AM
    If over 60% of the membership of CAAMP are active mortgage brokers and agents why don't we change the constitution of CAAMP to require the at least 50% of the Board be composed of active brokers. Why don't we have CMP ask that question of Mr. Murphy.

    And while we are at it, why don't we change the criteria for the Hall of Fame so one inductee per year must be an active broker as well?
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  • stephen codsi 2011-10-22 5:10:48 AM
    too bad we don't have more mortgage agents/brokers represented, I fully agree with Ron Butler, what is going on?
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  • anonymous 2011-10-22 6:16:32 AM
    With the banks using mortgage brokerage's and their agents and brokers as mules to grow their market share I do not understand why any brokerage would join CAAMP. It seems an association for the broker is the place to be like IMBA in Ontario
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