Brokers to double down on databases, refis, social net for 2013

Brokers to double down on databases, refis, social net for 2013

Brokers to double down on databases, refis, social net for 2013

Brokers are looking to double their efforts in mining client databases, experimenting with social media and chasing refi business to ring in more revenues in 2013 even as the housing market continues to cool down.

“I blog, use Facebook and Twitter for my business,” said Michelle Mohr, a broker with Invis, in Prince George, B.C. “But next year, I intend to get some professional help to take it to the next level, that my New Year’s resolution.”

She’s intent on consulting a social media or search engine optimization expert to help develop a more effective online strategy for engaging clients and potential customers.

Although, referred to as “B.C.’s northern capital” Prince George has a relatively small housing market still many brokers like Mohr are optimistic of their prospects in the coming year.

“I think 2013 will be a good year in northern B.C.,” said Mohr. “I think our industry can only go up.”

Calgary’s housing market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, but Katie McDowell, broker/owner of Mortgage Alliance – Mortgages are Marvellous, says she’s not getting complacent either.

“Me and my agents will be mining our client databases overtime,” she told “There will be lots of people selling and buying homes in 2013 so we will be revisiting old contacts and referral partners as well as cultivating new ones.”

The market may be cooling down in Toronto, but Omer Quenneville, a mortgage broker with Centum, is not letting this freeze up his business.

“For 2013, I will focus on refinancing transactions,” he said. “I’m keeping in close contact with existing clients and following –up especially those whose mortgages are up for renewal.”

Quenneville said he can count on a large refi clientele because many of his customers’ mortgages are not locked-in.

“I advised a lot of clients to stay away from collateral mortgages,” he said. “I told them not to focus on rate but think about the future and the time when they need to switch mortgage.”

Quenneville, however, will not be relying on social media to stay in touch with his clients.

“I’ll do it the old fashion way. I’ll pick up the phone,” he said.