Brokers sweeten their benefits packages

Brokers sweeten their benefits packages

Brokers sweeten their benefits packages

In the hopes of holding onto their best employees, brokers are embracing more creative benefits packages. Those strategies are so creative, in some cases, they may just prompt an influx of job applications.

Here are five things Mark Goode of Mortgage Man Dominion Lending Centres does to set his firm apart and ensure his employees feel appreciated.

“We mix and match what will benefit them the most. We can take benefits out if their spouse has benefits so they can be maximized,” said Goode. “Or they can be added if they need to ensure they get the most out of both their own package and their spouses.’”

Balanced work life
“We try to make it as easy as possible on them by giving time off, flexible hours, mobile devices,” added Goode.

Taking care of his own
 “I pay for dinner every Friday and once a month I cook dinner for them. They also receive bonuses at Christmas and on their anniversary date.”

Giving gifts
And that’s just par for the course compared to some of the other things Goode has done to benefit his employees.

According to Goode, he has also purchased snow tires for an employee who couldn’t afford them, swung for a brand new set of golf clubs for another and has bought vacations for employees on more than one occasion.

When you give someone a vacation, you know they’re getting away and getting some rest. “If you give them money they will just put it towards bills,” he says.

Setting himself apart

“I try to do unique things for my employees,” said Goode.

Unique, indeed. Wonder if he’s hiring.

  • Stan 2013-08-08 10:19:14 PM
    A mortgage Broker who couldnt afford Snow tires? that what happens when DLC and Mortgage Aliiance hire part timers ......
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  • Kyra Wong 2013-08-15 10:57:06 AM
    Everyone is starting out at some point in their career and can use some help and support along the way. What you give is what you get and Mark clearly "gets" that. Not surprising he is such a success!! Great to read a positive story like this one.
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