Brokers question analyst’s knowledge

Brokers question analyst’s knowledge

Brokers question analyst’s knowledge Brokers are poking holes in one analyst’s prediction that Canada’s housing market is in dire straits, accusing him of ignorance when it comes to Canada’s oil industry – and the economy’s reliance on it.

“He doesn't understand the oil market. The price of oil has plunged before and it will plunge again. Each time it bounces back. This time is especially different, though,” Hal Tagg of Realty Executives wrote on “This plunge was not cause by a global market, but rather by Saudi Arabia who wanted a larger market share.

“When the Saudis get a new agreement on production reductions that they want, effectively strengthening OPEC, then production will be reduced, and prices will bounce back up. $50 a barrel is not the new norm,” Tagg continued. “A 30 per cent price reduction in housing is laughable, even in Alberta.”

A flood of comments poured in following one pundit’s claim that Canada’s economy is one of the most at risk of a bubble burst in the world.

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  • M 2015-03-27 3:56:38 PM
    I am confused by Pete Capitulo's insights, to me it would seem as if Banks are taking on business at irresponsible interest rates, causing house prices to inflate at a dangerous level, the whole time shifting risk back to the insurer. Everything to gain in the housing boom but nothing to lose when everything goes bust.
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