Brokers praise BrokerBase

Brokers praise BrokerBase

Brokers praise BrokerBase

VERICO has recently launched BrokerBase, a business platform that is meant to make generating, capturing and converting leads, referrals and renewals easier than ever before; and early indication is that brokers are sold.

“This is the slickest piece of technology that VERICO has ever developed,” head of VERICO The Mortgage Professions, Brian Matthey said.  “I look forward to integrating BrokerBase into my business and capturing more leads and renewals.”

All it takes, according to a release from the company, is a “few clicks of the mouse” to complete an online presence for brokers that contains collateral for every client.

The BrokerBase platform includes:

  • Automatic Marketing Program
  • Website builder with online and offline D+H application form
  • Mobile Agent Website
  • Mortgage Plan
  • Personal Blog
  • Feature Sheets
  • Customer Info Sheets
  • Brochure Builder
  • Banner Ad Builder

“One of the key features of BrokerBase is the proprietary client Mortgage Plan,” the release said.  “This plan outlines all the pertinent mortgage information for the client in an easy to understand way.  This is a document that they will refer to year after year.”

The plan can be generated for each individual client and can be used in meetings to outline a unique course of action for every circumstance. It’s a level of customization that brokers believe will add value to their proposition.

"Even though BrokerBase has just launched, my initial impression of the automated platform has been nothing short of phenomenal,” Scott Dawson of VERICO Paragon Pacific Mortgages said.  “BrokerBase takes a traditional CRM and puts it into high gear. I no longer have to create my own client email templates.  The free website, online application and mortgage calculators look great, but best of all I don't need to worry about remembering to put renewal or anniversary information into my database. BrokerBase just works."