Brokers on a big industry advantage

Brokers on a big industry advantage

Brokers on a big industry advantage They’re two of the biggest broker networks in the country, and their brokers – and the industry -- benefit from the expertise of dedicated economists.

“Now when we send newsletters to customers about market developments, having an economist as a resource will really benefit us,” Joseph Park, a broker with Verico JP Mortgage Services, told

Verico will now work with Michael Campbell, one of the country’s leading economic analysts, who will provide regular reports and videos while also speaking at the network’s events.

“We’ve worked with (Campbell) for a number of years but will now expand the relationship,” Pin Luk, director of marketing and communications for Verico, recently told

Adding an economist to the fold is one that has benefitted one of Verico’s peers, Dominion Lending Centres, as well. And its brokers.

“Having an economist brings the mortgage industry to a higher level; it makes it an institution almost,” Cameron Mackie, a broker with Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding, told “Clients have already contacted me and told me they have seen Dr. Sherry Cooper’s articles.

It makes the industry much more professional, for sure.”

DLC, of course, added Cooper as its chief economist in February of this year.

Cooper’s role has been similar to what Verico has planned for Campbell. She has provided quarterly economic updates and statements on the economy with an emphasis on how market conditions will affect mortgage brokers. She provided an in-depth presentation on the economy at the network’s recent national sales conference in Whistler, B.C.