Brokers frustrated by appraisal middlemen

Brokers frustrated by appraisal middlemen

Brokers frustrated by appraisal middlemen

“It’s an appraisal ordering service, that’s it. They aren’t being used for quality control,” Binkley of told “They add another step, take more time, take away the conversation from licensed professionals, and costs the client more in the end.”

Binkley remembers a time when the process was simpler and more efficient.

“Before, we’d always had the opportunity to call our appraisers and have a chat with them about the property, order it direct and the client either pays at the door or the appraiser invoices us and we collect it at closing or the client reimburses us, whatever might happen there,” Binkley said. “Very simple, easy process. That system had been around the years and it worked.”

According to Dupuis, the process has resulted in several deals going south – and brokers are feeling the pinch.

“I had comparable [properties] showing $2 million on this deal and [the appraiser] comes in at $1.725 million and I need $1.85 million to make the deal work,” Drew Donaldson of Verico Safebridge Financial told “There’s a bunch of other people in the office experiencing the same thing.”

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  • Brian 2015-04-01 11:42:27 AM
    Agreed I just lost a deal as the appraisal had to be ordered through Solidifi on a property that was just appraised by a RBC appointed appraiser at $750k in January 2015. Client comes to me, I get a commitment from a Lender appraisal gets ordered through Solidifi and it comes in at $625K???? How does this happen!
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  • Jake Abramowicz 2015-04-01 11:44:41 AM
    This is a good article. Thanks for bringing this issue to light. The few bad apples in our industry ruin things for all.

    Lucky some lenders still do allow for ordering via direct which makes life easier.

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  • Steve 2015-04-01 11:47:57 AM
    I don't think i have had one that didn't have an extra fee after the original payment has been authorized. Its not easy to explain to a client after they have paid the original amount. Makes us all look bad. Just my 2 cents or 3 if i put additional fee on it lol
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