Brokers call for CAAMP membership rule change

Brokers call for CAAMP membership rule change

Brokers call for CAAMP membership rule change Industry players are calling for CAAMP to change a membership rule blocking individual brokers unless all their team signs up too.

“Mr. Ellenzweig (VP, Member Services at CAAMP) and the other directors at CAAMP told me unless all of my agents join I could not join,” Darick Battaglia, principal broker of Dominion Lending Centres YBM Group told “I said I can’t get all of my agents to join and they said I can’t become a member; and then when (some) agents requested to join, (CAAMP) said 'sorry you can’t join because your (principal) broker is not a member.'”

A number of YBM Group brokers tried, fruitlessly, to plead their individual cases with the national organization through a number of emails and phone calls.

“I spoke to Jim Murphy about it and the fact of the matter is it’s in the CAAMP bylines and until they decide to change those bylaws, their hands are tied,” Adam Bazuk or DLC YBM Group said. “Way back when they thought it was smart to have a policy that (says) the brokerage, itself, has to be a member (and) if they aren’t a member I can’t be a member of CAAMP.”

Bazuk wondered if CAAMP’s policy of not including individuals is a way to keep un-affiliated brokers from joining. Though he believes the organization can audit each individual applicant to ensure each member is a practicing broker.

“They can go to the FSCO website; they can see that I’ve renewed as a broker, they can see that I’m licensed, they can see that I’m licensed to a brokerage, they can see that I’ve taken all the AMP tests,” Bazuk said. “So why can’t I just pay them $250 a year to be a member of the national organization?”

Nevertheless, a number of DLC YBM Group brokers still wish to join.

 “We do believe in joining associations – maybe not all of my agents want to become members of both IMBA and CAAMP but because of that, it totally eliminates us from being members of CAAMP,” Battaglia said. “(But) they’re the ones that created a bylaw to make it impossible for us to join.”

Calls and emails to CAAMP were not returned by press time.