Brokerage snags three former mobile specialists

Brokerage snags three former mobile specialists

Brokerage snags three former mobile specialists

Three major bank employees make the shift to the broker channel on the heels of what one believes is a pendulum shift that will see more clients considering mortgage professionals the go-to experts; not the bankers.

“Brokers will be considered the experts in offering extensive mortgage advice,” Frances Hinojosa of Dominion Lending Centre The Mortgage Source told “Consumers considered bankers the experts, but buyers are becoming more educated and they’re going to people who are more spcaizlied in the industry; bankers wear more hats than one and brokers are more specialized.”

Hinojosa, along with Glenn MacLaren and Peter Lirantzis, -- former Bank of Montreal mobile mortgage specialists – decided to make the move to the broker channel by joining DLC. They former bankers bring with them more than 19 years of experience and by making the shift to the broker channel, they are excited to finally be able to provide a holistic mortgage offering to their future clients.

“We, honestly, felt it was time with the changing of the mortgage landscape and we felt it was the perfect time to jump to the broker side,” Hinojosa said. “We can offer our clients more solutions and better products. Part of it is being pigeonholed if you are with a lender who can only provide one product; clients are becoming more educated and want more options.”

For its part, DLC believes this latest instance continues a trend that has been gaining steam for some time.

“This latest mobile mortgage specialist transition to the independent mortgage brokering landscape is one of many recent instances where bank reps are seeing the value in independence,” the company said in a release.

Are we bound to see more and more mobile specialists transition to the broker channel?

  • mortgage guy 2013-10-24 8:44:19 AM
    three bankers coming in....but how many brokers moving to Banks?
    pricing, specialized lending programmes, access to other products (credit cards, unsecured lines, chequing accounts).
    Brokers can't offer this that I'm aware of.
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  • QuanLe 2013-10-24 8:54:00 AM
    Brokers moving to banks? I have seen only a couple of times during my whole career. The reverse however, had been numerous.

    Broker moving to a bank is like a horse that you set free, and then comes on its own back to the barn...
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  • Omer Quenneville 2013-10-24 9:03:14 AM
    I'm not surprised by this move. A well informed consumer is better off with a mortgage broker than a bank. The key is service and putting the client first. It is hard to do that at a bank when you have to deal with pricing desk and the push on products that the client doesn't need.
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