Broker video pokes fun at banks

Broker video pokes fun at banks

Broker video pokes fun at banks One broker is giving bank mortgages a good ribbing with a video that’s gone viral and stirred some leads.

“I found that advertising with education with humour is a key combination for building business and trust with my customers,” Mike Hattim of Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding Inc. told “Many news/comedy shows use this technique, which ends up having their bits shared all over social media … because even if the information is not of interest, they at least enjoy the humour in it.”

The phenomenon was enough to inspire Hattim to create his own video, stamping it with the slapstick title “My idiot neighbour got his mortgage from the bank.” He has a smattering of subtitles running throughout the video, which borrows a European clip of two men speaking Spanish and sharing a chuckle. Hattim’s subtitles suggest the men are laughing at a neighbour done wrong by a mortgage deal with a bank.

“One night I saw this video and found it to be priceless and watched it over and over again laughing harder each time with no idea what the gentlemen in the video were saying because it isn’t in English,” Hattim said. “Then I thought what if he was having a conversation about someone he knew buying a house, getting a mortgage, and made the mistake of going to the bank.  So I made a short script and added subtitles to the video.”

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