Broker suspended for fraudulent test

Broker suspended for fraudulent test

Broker suspended for fraudulent test The Registrar of Mortgage Brokers has suspended the license of a sub-broker after he allegedly took a real estate examination in place of another professional.

Indeep Singh (Ted) Aulak, a registered BC submortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres Mountain View, has been accused by the BC Registrar of Mortgage Brokers of taking a real estate examination for another individual.

“On April 15, 2016, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia contacted (Registrar of Mortgage Brokers) and advised that on January 20, 2016, Mr. Aulak may have written the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Examination in place of Mr. Ryan Gurinder Rana,” the Registrar said in a suspension order, signed by Carolyn Rogers, CEO of FICOM.

According to the suspension order, the photographs supplied with Rana’s RET exam ticket did not match the headshots on his website.

An investigation of Rana’s social media also found that Rana and Aulak are friends. The Council hired a private investigator who compared the submitted exam photos and Aulak’s social media photos and determined the two photos are likely a match.

“After reviewing all of the photographs of both Mr. Aulak and Mr. Rana, (the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers) is of the opinion that the Submitted Rana Photographs are that of Mr. Aulak and not Mr. Rana,” the Registrar said.

The Registrar found Alauk unsuitable for registration and suspended him from acting a submortgage broker in British Columbia until a final penalty is decided upon.
  • Vince Agozzino 2016-05-02 9:27:10 AM
    You have 5 different ads on one page. Makes it difficult to even find the article! A tad overboard on the advertisement side I'd say.
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  • Leon Johnson 2016-05-02 9:46:16 AM
    I've always wondered if this was ever attempted. I guess the only other question left is how frequently does this occur?
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  • John Pannozzo 2016-05-02 2:14:08 PM
    If indeed this is true, set a precedent and ban the individuals from the industry for good. It is a challenge every day to build trust with our clients. This incident moves us in the wrong direction.
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