Sabeena Bubber on the transformative power of caring

Sabeena Bubber on the transformative power of caring

Sabeena Bubber on the transformative power of caring

Veteran mortgage pro Sabeena Bubber’s (pictured) record of sterling service has been characterized by an abundance of compassion, which she says has been honed by a long, hard road of personal struggles.

Apart from being one of Verico Xeva Mortgage’s most celebrated professionals, Bubber is also the brains behind 100 Brokers Who Care, a philanthropic venture founded in 2016.

The project began as a humble GoFundMe page that Bubber started for a single self-employed friend who lost a six-year-old daughter in a tragic drowning.

“My friend suffered from PTSD and had no idea where the funds for the funeral would come from, let alone the need to just get by for the months while she recovered from the loss of her only child,” Bubber told MBN. “Jackson Middleton and I were discussing how to set up the page and how to get the word out and we started discussing this concept of 100 Brokers Who Care.”

The idea grew into a Facebook group, which generated $30,000 worth of donations for the GoFundMe page in a mere three weeks. Approximately $7,000 of it came from mortgage brokers across Canada.

“I realized the power of social media, and people who didn’t know me or my friend wanted to help her after this horrific accident that took her daughter’s life,” Bubber said. “If people out there could help her, then there may be brokers out there who have friends, family, or clients that need help.”

Since then, the organization has donated around $156,000 to 24 causes, and has grown such that its title is now a misnomer.

“We are going to be rebranding to Hundreds of Brokers Who Care as we continue to grow,” Bubber said. “There is no cap on membership, and we also provide branding materials to brokers who join who can promote it to their clients.”

Bubber has high hopes of membership growth, especially during the second year of the COVID-19 health crisis.

“The mortgage industry has been thriving through the pandemic, and I hope that would lead to more brokers and lenders wanting to make a difference as well,” Bubber said. “The number of causes that come forth every quarter show us that there is a strong need for help, and the more members we have, the more families and causes that we can help. For less than a Tim Horton’s coffee a day, brokers can make a significant impact on people in their communities.”

The mortgage industry “is a place full of wonderful people who support one another,” Bubber contends. “Now we have a vehicle in which to help one another, in bad times as well as good.”