Nominees from coast to coast gear up for Canadian Mortgage Awards

Nominees from coast to coast gear up for Canadian Mortgage Awards

Nominees from coast to coast gear up for Canadian Mortgage Awards

When Sharnjit Singh Gill was nominated for this year’s Mortgage Broker of the Year Award (Fewer than 25 Employees), he was over the moon.

“It’s a great feeling,” said Gill. “This is the first time that I’m going to the CMAs and it’s a great feeling. To be recognized on a national level, and to meet my colleagues and peers over there, I feel very humbled and happy.”

Gill is the president and CEO of Verico Superior Mortgage, and his 31 years of experience in the banking and mortgage worlds have culminated in an award nomination. His family-run business, also comprised of his daughter, son, and daughter-in-law—“our motto is ‘Team of four, but power of one,’” says Gill—has a 94% funding ratio, and given the pride with which Gill submits files, it’s no wonder he’s being recognized.

“We believe in quality work,” he said. “We educate our clients. I educate each client so that they have a lot of information and know every feature. I spend about one hour on each client in our meetings. When I educate my client, the benefit to me is they become my investor and I get a lot of referrals. They make informed decisions.

“I don’t waste underwriters’ time. If we doubt anything, we drop the client. We always try to find solutions to my clients’ problems, and, in turn, they become happy.”

Gill’s hard work is what Tim Duce, President and CEO of Key Media International, the Canadian Mortgage Awards’ parent company, says the awards show strives to recognize each and every year. The 12th annual CMAs, to be held April 20 at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, will showcase winners from a slew of categories.

According to Duce, a record was set this year.

“We keep setting records for industry participation,” said Duce. “This year’s nominations process had a record number for participants—a true testament to the high regard in which the CMAs are held by Canadian mortgage professionals."

One reason Duce believes the CMAs are so respected within the industry is the process by which winners are chosen.

“For 12 years now, we’ve provided the Canadian mortgage industry with an unbiased voice that recognizes its ambition, innovation, and accomplishments,” said Duce. “I believe it is imperative, for the sake of healthy competition within the industry, that a non-affiliated organization like KMI keeps doling out accolades every year.”

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