New CMA platinum sponsor takes industry by storm

New CMA platinum sponsor takes industry by storm

New CMA platinum sponsor takes industry by storm

The Coalition of Independent Mortgage Brokers will be the next Platinum Sponsor of the Canadian Mortgage Awards.

“The Coalition of Independent Mortgage Brokers of Canada is proud to be part of the CMAs,” said CIMBC President Robert Sinclair. “To be the Platinum Sponsor of an exclusive event celebrating excellence in the mortgage industry in Canada is exciting. For 12 years, the CMAs have celebrated excellence across the entire spectrum of mortgage brokering and lending in Canada through 21 prestigious industry awards that recognize the top achievers in key professions of the industry. Through peer recognition, these top achievers represent our most experienced, and brightest new, mortgage brokers and exemplars in the lending industry.”

At this year’s awards show, CIMBC proudly sponsored the Top Business Development Professional and, according to Sinclair, the organization is looking forward to taking it up a notch at the 13th annual show.

“Each of the CMA categories reflect high-level achievers in our industry, and knowing CIMBC is part of their success is key to our future,” said Sinclair. “Getting nominated by peers for a CMA is important and valuable to the nominees, as our CIMBC members have expressed. Winners are proud to post their awards on various social media platforms and their websites.”

Established in 2014, CIMBC represents independent mortgage brokerages by advocating on their behalves and helping them express their brands throughout their respective communities. The organization’s overarching goal is to enhance growth in the marketplace for independents by forging indomitable relationships within the lender community, as well as with key partners.

The organization has made considerable inroads within the mortgage industry, as its membership continues growing astronomically.

“CIMBC’s focus is to give our new, existing and potential brokerages the opportunity and courage to build on their own brand,” said Sinclair. “Our partners are one of the key pillars of CIMBC’s strategy and have, unquestionably, shown their support for our independent model.”

Juxtaposing CIMBC’s business model with networks’ is night and day, he added.

“The CIMBC model is different—very different, in fact, than the network models. Our value proposition of strengthening our broker members’ revenues through various lender and affiliate partner initiatives, not to mention further revenue share opportunities that support independent branding, differentiates us from the networks.”

According to Jacque du Preez, owner of Mortgage Allies, CIMBC is steadfast in allowing members to maintain autonomy, and that informed his decision to join.

“I started Mortgage Allies because I don’t believe we need a large brand to be good and successful at what we do,” said du Preez. “Being independent allows us to differentiate in an ever-consolidating brokerage marketplace and build a brand around our values and who we are. Like us, CIMBC is entrepreneurial and with its ‘can do’ mentality allows us to remain who we are, use our branding and technologies, and yet have the same, if not better, benefits than super brokerages. Because of its structure and benefits, I believe CIMBC will continue to ‘disrupt’ the industry and give many excellent brokers the opportunity and courage to start their own brokerages.”