Networks boost professional growth significantly

Networks boost professional growth significantly

Networks boost professional growth significantly Affiliated with CENTUM since 2015, Elizabeth Saheed pays particular attention to clients with bad credit, as well as those who have no choice but to go to B lenders. Prior to entering the mortgage industry, Elizabeth worked in accounting from 2013 to 2015.

From your experience so far, what are the benefits of working with a network like CENTUM?
CENTUM has greatly helped me with access to a wide selection of lenders. This is so much unlike working with banks, especially with those where my clients can’t qualify for. The variety that CENTUM provides allows me to find the lender that best fits each client’s unique situation, since not even similar cases will have the exact same particulars. I can link my clients to the lenders who are actually willing to work with their situations.

How has working with this network helped you?
It has taught me a lot more about the industry than I could have ever hoped to find out on my own. CENTUM has helped me significantly, since working with the other professionals there has given me access to valuable advice and industry experience. Also, the industry changes every month, every week, and even every day – and since I’m still relatively new, the guidance of the far more experienced agents is extremely helpful to me.

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What lessons have proven to be most memorable for you?
One thing that comes to mind is an early transaction that involved bad credit, and my first impulse was to help in every possible way I can, because of course my clients depend on me. When I was not able to find a solution in a timely manner, my seniors gave me advice to actually help my clients better themselves and improve their credit.

I’ve learned a lot more since then, but that incident from my earliest days taught me that the best way to really help my clients is to guide them towards improving their situation via their own actions.