DLC’s Brad Unrau on what can give you the edge

DLC’s Brad Unrau on what can give you the edge

DLC’s Brad Unrau on what can give you the edge

As one of Dominion Lending Centres’ very first brokers and the current president of Maximum Mortgage Solutions, Brad Unrau’s decade and a half of industry experience has honed his skills to a fine edge.

Unrau credited his long-running interest in real estate and the financial world as a vital component of his long-term success.

“I watched a few friends try mortgages as a career and decided to give it a go as my passion has always been in real estate,” Unrau told MBN.

While unusually confident of success from the very beginning, Unrau admitted that he did not really have any expectations of the mortgage space.

“It was a new venture for me, and that was also when the mortgage broker industry was just starting to take off,” he said.

But a background as a realtor and a home builder, as well as his involvement with a successful Vancouver-based MIC, gave Unrau a well-developed sense of what his clients in mortgage financing both want and need.

“Relationship building is my specialty,” Unrau said. “Staying calm and focused on each file is a huge skillset and success attribute. This is a career of deadlines, pressure and demand. Stress and pressure exist daily, but my calm and focused demeanour is a natural and learned skill.”

Every success story has its fair share of speed bumps. Unrau pointed to the onset of the stress test, along with the constant additions to the stress test’s rules, as the most demanding parts of his career.

Unrau, however, takes it all in stride.

“All brokers feel these challenges,” Unrau said. “My take on this is not looking at them as challenges, but more so adjusting, adapting, and just keep moving forward. I’m not a ‘look back’ kind of guy.”