Broker network launches new consumer site

Broker network launches new consumer site

Broker network launches new consumer site A major mortgage broker network unveiled its new website, which focuses on consumer education.

"Consumer education is at the forefront of our brand; with most consumer research performed online, it's important that we reach out and showcase the skills of our mortgage brokers in a medium their customer can appreciate," says Karen Fogel, marketing director of Mortgage Architects in an official statement. "The website has been re-designed to be aesthetically inviting and engaging with clean typography, easy navigation and a host of useful homepage shortcuts."

Mortgage Architects hopes the new website will aid in educating clients about the benefits of using a mortgage professional, while also guiding them through the process of purchasing a home.

"At MA we are in constant pursuit to connect consumers with highly skilled mortgage professionals to educate and guide Canadians through the home buying process." says Albert Collu, president of Mortgage Architects. "Our new and enhanced website delivers incredible information with direct access to MA mortgage professionals."

According to the release, “The new Mortgage Architects website contains a robust learning centre with topics surrounding frequently asked mortgage questions and processes. The animated video library contains a variety of topics that simplify and explain the mortgage process. The easy-to-use mortgage calculators simplify mortgage information with slider tools, graphs and mortgage scenario comparisons.”

Click here to view the new website.