Broker Network at the Super Bowl?

Broker Network at the Super Bowl?

Broker Network at the Super Bowl? If you watched the Superbowl you probably noticed DLC’s ads, and consumers did to, with DLC reporting major web traffic increases following the big game.

“This is the second consecutive year Dominion Lending Centres has advertised on the Super Bowl; we see this as a great way to reach a larger Canadian viewing audience,” Cindy Freiman, director of public relations and communications at DLC told “Major sporting events like the Super Bowl are among the least likely to be PVR’d, so the chances of Canadians seeing our commercial throughout the game are greatly increased.”

The broker behemoth tracked a 98 per cent increase in web traffic on Super Bowl Sunday, a 65 per cent increase in page views and 17 per cent increase in time spent on the website.

Not to mention 77 per cent of the visits were from new visitors, the longstanding Don Cherry ad still holds weight with Canadian consumers.

“This year’s Super Bowl had more than 8 million viewers – the second highest watched Super Bowl on record,” Freiman said. “The 2014 Super Bowl was the most watched television program over the past two years, and more than one-in-two Canadians (53%) watched this game.”
  • Agent 2014-02-15 8:56:27 PM
    Who cares. Can't believe those used car salesmen have convinced brokers to pay for these tv ads that only help to promote head office so they can put their firm on the block
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  • Ron Butler 2014-02-17 11:20:22 AM
    @ Agent.. Just a rude, mean-spirited, anonymous comment that contributes nothing to this forum.
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  • Tania Vermeer 2014-02-17 5:35:42 PM
    Well said Ron Butler

    Geez 'Agent': clueless much?
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