Broker network announces social media partnership

Broker network announces social media partnership

Broker network announces social media partnership Businesses are increasingly relying on social media to get their message to the public and one leading broker network has announced a partnership that will help with just that.

“Most people who use social media struggle to provide their audience with industry relevant content simply because of the time required to research and write engaging posts.” Paul Therien, vice president of operations with Centum Financial Group said in an official press release.  “Urbo has provided our network with a solution that not only offers this service, but has enhanced the brand image through consistent, approved messaging.” provides its customers with a managed social media program specifically tailored to the target audience.

“We saw a need for cost effective social media management and we built our program to not only provide that service, but also long term value to our customers.” Ned Bubic of Urbo said in the release. “We have a team of highly skilled writers on staff that is ready to help our clients build a strong and successful social media platform that drives business to them.”

However, Centum brokers will continue to be allowed – and encouraged – to post their own content as well.

And with tens of millions of new content uploaded to the internet each day, Centum sees this move as a way to differentiate itself from the competition.

“As a franchisor my role is to always find ways to not only increase income streams for our network, but to also find cost effective solutions that ease the increasing demand on peoples time so that they can focus on building their business,” Therien said.
  • Elaine - Toronto 2014-03-06 12:24:38 PM
    I use as well, and I have to tell you - the service that they offer is amazing. I started using them in December and since then I have funded five mortgages from leads that were generated. It might not seem like much, but I only pay $55 a month for the service. Five deals pays for the service for the next couple of decades. How can you lose?
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  • David B. 2014-03-06 12:48:33 PM
    I agree with you Elaine, even one funded deal makes this program worthwhile - it does what I never had the time to do, and frankly, was too busy to do.
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  • Alex 2014-03-06 1:18:08 PM
    Why do I have a feeling Elaine and David are the same people?

    This is very stupid. There are much better solutions out there at much lower prices.
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