Broker Kit Bag pt. 2

Broker Kit Bag pt. 2

Broker Kit Bag pt. 2
5 – Revodoc
Perhaps you’ve already conceded to some of these new technologies that promise to streamline your day-to-day workload, and perhaps you’ve found yourself spending more time with each of these technologies, resulting in the opposite effect that they were supposed to have.

Enter Revodoc.

As a cloud-based mortgage collaboration system, Revodoc helps brokers and their assistants manage deals and workflow – all in one place.
“It eliminates the use of disparate systems that brokers currently use to manage their business,” says Phillip Slen, president of Revodoc, and himself a mortgage broker.

“[Revodoc] is more efficient [because] all the tools are in one place, integrated within the deal dashboard.

“So all your documents, your task reminders, all your communications, workflows, deadlines, deal underwriting – everything is in one place.”
Slen developed the system himself, building it from the ground up specifically for use by brokers.

“It is truly a complete system that handles all the mortgage business from leads to pre-approval to live deals, and sending and sales service,” Slen says.

“In between all that, it handles all the deal collaboration documents, management and distribution, task reminders, sales pipeline, audit and compliance.”

Because the system is cloud-based, brokers, their assistants, and even their clients can not only view the live data in real time, but can also make and track certain changes. Elite users, who pay $70 per month, instead of the $35 per month for the value tier, are also able to upload and store documents in the cloud – and invite their clients to upload directly to the document condition. The icing on the Revodoc cake lies in the fact that the system is compliant to the industry’s online security regulations, which means you and your clients can upload sensitive information worry-free.

Revodoc also recently took on several syndicated and commercial mortgage brokers – something Slen said the company was able to do because of the platform’s unique system configuration.

“Our workflow is customizable,” he says, “so commercial and syndicated mortgage brokers can use our system to manage their workflows and deals.”

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