Broker Kit Bag pt. 2

Broker Kit Bag pt. 2

Broker Kit Bag pt. 2 You spoke and we listened. These three items are essential to every broker's success, according to our readers.

3 – Online Faxes
Everyone thought faxes would go the way of the Dodo once email secured its stronghold on communication, but those phone-line messages have managed to stick around.

Now several companies are catching on to the idea of the 21st century fax with online fax services, like These services allow users to send and receive faxes online. The document is sent or received as an email attachment, though the process is facilitated through a traditional fax number.
“I love the online fax because I can literally fax everything from my computer,” Daniels says. “I don’t even need my physical fax, except for original copies. I can scan something, go to [the online fax system], and send it to someone.

“The faxes all come to me in an email so there’s no paper and I always have [the message] right there for wherever I want to send it or store it.”

This way, you can fax your client an important document, even if you’re away from the office and don’t have access to a fax machine. Likewise, you can receive faxes from clients and colleagues while on the go. And, since your fax machine is virtual, you won’t ever run out of paper or ink.

According to Daniels, the greatest benefit to the system is the fact that it saves time.

“Anything that saves you a little bit of time in this business is helpful,” he says.
4 – Canada Post

For most people, the only mail you’re likely to receive is bills. But don’t deny the child-like feeling of giddiness that you get when you open your mailbox to a handwritten letter.

Cancelli is often the person behind those letters in her neighbourhood.

When Cancelli became a mortgage broker just under a year ago – she was previously, and still is, a successful Realtor – she sent her realty clients a letter informing them of her expanded service offerings.

She has continued to reach out to her market in a personal way by sending out handwritten thank-you cards to potential clients after her initial appointments with them.

“It just shows that you’ve gone out, got the card, wrote the card manually, wrote the address on the envelope, got a stamp and that’s an additional cost,” she says. “It’s honest and shows that you really do appreciate their business.”

Cancelli says the response that she’s received from that seemingly small gesture has been incredibly positive.

“[My clients] call me to say thank you. It’s nice that they appreciate the time it took to get the card.”


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