Broker Kit Bag pt. 1

Broker Kit Bag pt. 1

Broker Kit Bag pt. 1
2 – e-Newsletters and e-Cards
Maintaining some kind of relationship with your past clients is important for a sustainable business. But with heightened competition and a longer task list, making cold calls and sending personalized emails every month is just not feasible. Automatic newsletters and electronic greeting cards are a great way to stay connected and remind clients that you’re still available for their ever-evolving needs.

There are a slew of electronic greeting card providers – and many of them offer their services free of charge. Invis broker Mary Cancelli says she uses Punchbowl to maintain a warm relationship with her clients.

“I send out St. Patrick’s Day cards, Easter cards, Rosh Hashanah cards, those types of celebrations,” she says. “I also send electronic birthday cards; clients think it’s great that I’ve remembered to send a birthday card.”

Online email campaign services are also extremely user-friendly and cost-effective, and can help you keep in touch. iMambo, for example, helps users build, send and maintain email campaigns.

“Once a week and once a month, [the system] automatically sends an email to all the email addresses in the system,” explains Raymond Daniels, a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres.

“You’re constantly on people’s minds. They may not need you for three or four years, but when they do [need you] they remember you.”
Daniels says he’s gotten new and repeat business from the emails – a happy result of always being on his clients’ minds.

After all: if you’re out of sight, you’ll also be out of mind when a client needs additional products or when it’s time for renewal.

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