Broker gives back to cause that once helped him

Broker gives back to cause that once helped him

Broker gives back to cause that once helped him

The holiday season is a time for giving and one industry leader is raising money for a cause that is very dear to his heart.

“26 years ago, my mother, along with myself and my two siblings, arrived to Canada as refugees from Iran in the hopes of a better life,”  Alex Haditaghi, founder of Pacific Mortgage wrote on his donation page where he is collecting donations to purchase turkeys for needy families. “My mother, a widow with incredible and admirable strength, did everything in her power to provide for her family but she often found it difficult to make ends meet. The Scott Mission, a non-denominational, Christian organization based in downtown Toronto, provided my family with a weekly basket of groceries.”

The Scott Mission provides assistance to over 3,000 needy families each year and Haditaghi and his colleagues contributed 1,400 turkeys to families at Christmas last year. This year he plans to break that mark and provide for 2,000 families. It’s his way to make good on a promise he made to himself many years ago.

 “I vividly remember one cold winter afternoon: While waiting in line to get groceries with my mother, a wealthy family pulled up in an expensive car to drop off donations,” Haditaghi said. “As they drove away, I silently made a promise to both myself and to God that if I could, one day I too would give back to the Mission.”

And now can … and he is. It isn’t too late to give a helping hand to a fellow colleague as he endeavors to achieve his goal. If you’d like to take part in this good cause, click here to make a donation.


  • Anthony 2013-11-27 9:11:46 AM
    Good for you...nice to know you remember the hard times and that now you are in a position to help those in need and doing so, is a testament to your care for those less fortunate...keep up the good work.
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  • Richard Morgan 2013-11-27 10:02:37 AM
    Never forget your past , good for you Alex , well done .
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  • Alphonse Negro 2013-11-28 9:57:40 AM
    Alex congratulations.. I have to tell you that I am so impressed with the Iranian Community.. A large part of my clients are Iranian and it is always a pleasure to run and help them..acquire meaningful realestate assets .
    Canadians are very giving in nature in hard or good times.. Make this a holiday tradition.. Life is not just about rates or money but about humanity..

    On another note where CAAMP can help its brokers is by organizing a national campaign where member mortgage brokers can contribute a fraction of their commissions, let them accumulate over the year and than on behave of its members can donate this money to United Way and Centraide here in Quebec.. They help so many needy charities...

    You have shown tremendous leadership with this very humble but brave gesture..

    Hopefully you have set the tone for other mortgage brokers to do the same across their communities... If ever I can help you here in Montreal I am your brother.....
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