Broker embraces antiquated marketing technique

Broker embraces antiquated marketing technique

Broker embraces antiquated marketing technique Most broker marketing campaigns may be digital-centric but one player has embraced what many believe to be outdated technology to bring in leads.

Since 2007 Joe Fenik of Northwood Mortgage has been faxing flyers to potential clients advertising his services as a broker.

“Some people see it as antiquated and I’ve received solicitations from digital marketing professionals to use some of their services but I believe in giving people something tangible in their hands,” the Markham-based mortgage broker told “I know it’s old school.”

The idea came about organically; when shopping for his own mortgage, Fenik contacted a broker who had used the same technique.
Fenik’s fax collaterals advertise debt consolidation, refinance, reverse mortgages and several other services.

And perhaps most importantly, Fenik’s campaign won’t be affected by the pending anti-spam laws.

“I was asking the companies who do the marketing (and send the faxes) if this was compliant with CASL and they said that since they are not sent through email the campaign is compliant,” Fenik said. “They’ve given me reassurance.”

Effective July 1, any unsolicited electronic message sent may be considered a “commercial electronic message,” and – under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law -- any CEM sent will be prohibited unless its receiver has provided consent. Penalties can range from $1 million for an individual offender and $10 million for companies.
  • Angela Wong-Liao - Invis Inc 2014-08-26 12:21:50 PM
    I believe in blending the traditional marketing strategies with the modern and trending marketing strategies can get better results. I love calling my existing clients and business associates because with all these high tech marketing tools, human contact is a rarity but in my opinion, it is most important and effective.
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  • Judy 2014-08-26 12:52:48 PM
    I believe fax numbers are subject to the do not call list regulations. Might want to check that out.
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  • Curtis 2014-09-01 2:14:18 PM
    The do not call list applies to personal numbers registered on the list. If you use your fax number for business in any way it's not applicable to the do not call list.
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