Broker alleges false Google ad violates FSCO rules

Broker alleges false Google ad violates FSCO rules

Broker alleges false Google ad violates FSCO rules One leading broker is accusing a competitor of using his name to attain leads through Google’s ad services.

“I did a Google search of “Butler Mortgage” and at the top of the page (there was) an ad: ‘Butler Mortgage – Second Mortgages @ great rates,’” Ron Butler of Verico Butler Mortgage told “This is a totally different broker than Butler Mortgage; different license number (and) here’s the thing: this is 100 per cent illegal.

“FSCO’s prime advertising rule is very simple: all advertising must be in the broker’s licensed name.” contacted Ron Goodfellow of Mortgage Central – the brokerage linked through the ad – who said he had no knowledge of the ad.

“As I was telling Ron I was unaware of this situation until this situation and I told the I.T. person to pause the campaign that is going on,” Goodfellow said. “Before I could get that sentence out Ron informed me he has filed a grievance with FSCO so basically I will let FSCO decide if I did anything wrong … I didn’t know what was happening.”

The ad has since been removed.

According to Butler, Mortgage Central isn’t the first competitor to use ads that are linked to his name.

“Other brokers do the same,” Butler said. “The key difference is when they pay for Google ads based on the term “Butler Mortgage”  it is legal because they do not use my name.”
  • Merv G 2014-08-19 11:34:50 AM
    You should call your web site " Butlernews .ca"
    Seems like Mr Butler has a monopoly on comments and statements
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  • Steve 2014-08-19 12:09:34 PM
    In my area, I find most internet advertising does not meet government code, but no one actually surveys the ads. Its a honor system where nothing happens unless you complain. Wouldn't it be nice if the regulatory body found the problem. If wishes were fishes I guess...
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  • Paul Meredith, CityCan Financial 2014-08-19 12:12:59 PM
    i'm not a Google adwords expert or anything, but one thing I do know is that you can set your ads up for a category where the term searched is automatically used as the top line of the ad (don't recall what this is called). When someone searches 'butler mortgage', then that is exactly what shows as the first line of his ad.

    This is most likely what happened, and if that is the case, then Goodfellow didn't have any idea this was happening (and probably wasn't happy it was) until he was notified.
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