Breaking barriers between brokers and lenders

Breaking barriers between brokers and lenders

Breaking barriers between brokers and lenders

Lenders too frequently favour a “black and white” approach to qualifying clients, complain a growing number of frustrated brokers.

“Lenders have tightened up so much; they no longer employ common sense (when evaluating an application),” David Hetti of Invis told “They go entirely by criteria that are set; the feedback is poor and the underwriting has no common sense.”

Broker frustration is palpable as lenders, unsure of what the future holds, have begun tightening lending rules and, in some cases, raising rates.

“Lenders are being too tight on the deals they take and who they take deals from,” Sundeep Saggu of Verico The Mortgage Wizards told

Saggu, however, has a creative solution that he thinks could overcome lender reluctance. 

“There’s no communication or relationship building between lenders and brokers,” he said. “Most have never met and an attempt to bridge the gap would mitigate a lot of the lender’s concerns.”

It’s a solution that has worked well for dealing with insurers.

“If you have a common sense approach and tell a story that makes sense, I find that Genworth is willing to listen to and work with me,” Jeff Attwooll of Verico K-W Mortgage told earlier this month. “They will put the pieces together of your story makes sense and their credit allows it, they will push the deal through.”

The insurer’s willingness to listen to Attwooll’s story is due to the relationship he has forged with them – something that is sorely lacking among brokers and lenders and a sure-fire way to ignite a more liberal approach to lending, argue some industry vets.

  • Lior, Mortgage Edge 2013-08-26 9:01:06 AM
    I disagree with the assessment that deals are becoming more difficult to do. As Jeff said, it is all about presenting the lender with the full picture from the very beginning and knowing your alternative options.

    Deals can still be done and sometimes you have to explain to your prospects or clients that alternative lenders may be the only viable option even if they threaten to walk away because of slightly higher pricing.

    The reality is lending rules changed and consumers need to be made aware of that from the beginning of the transaction. You can spend time chasing 5 triple-A lenders, all of whom will turn you down because the underwriting criteria says this deal no longer qualifies, or you can develop a strong relationship with 2 alternative lenders, explain to your client why you're taking this route and the viability of getting the deal done through traditional lenders, and get the job done.
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