Bigoted Listing hits Calgary Website

Bigoted Listing hits Calgary Website

A racist listing on a Calgary website has shocked locals and inspired numerous responses on Craigslist.

The home, listed on, said the owners will sell to a "white buyer" only. The ad also stated the home was in a "highly rated white community" and promised a backyard that wouldn't have "coloured people peeking" through.

"That is absolutely unacceptable and it's not the way Calgarians think and it's not the way Canadians think. Ward 6 is a very diverse community," said Area Alderman Joe Connelly.

The ad led to an influx of posts to the rants and raves sections of Craigslist.

"Shame on you, Calgary," wrote one respondent.

Nancy Steiner, a spokesperson for, said the listing was legitimate and paid for and that their policy is not to censor ads.

"It's our policy not to censor our ads, however if any ad is deemed unlawful it is removed promptly," she said.


  • @Calgarynewsboy 2010-08-26 12:38:53 AM
    Here's the mortgage broker who was targeted in this ad, taek a look at the rest of the story:
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  • dave 2010-08-26 1:21:03 AM
    the mortgage broker wasnt targetted in the ad, they gave her advertising space like adwords on random listings. shes just making an name of her self, well either way good for her for using that site since its different
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  • Bev 2010-08-26 3:28:30 AM
    i like it. deep down many people feel this way but its not politically correct to voice your opinion.
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