Best internet presence and best branding announced

Best internet presence and best branding announced

Best internet presence and best branding announced Brokers active on the internet have been campaigning for weeks, asking for votes in the best internet presence category and today we reveal the finalists.

Best Internet Presence
Canadian Mortgage Hangout TV (#CMHTV)
Dominion Lending Centres
Mortgage Intelligence,

Not to be outdone, the finalists for the Best Branding category should be commended for creating and cultivating an effective and memorable brand experience; both for clients and among their industry peers. Following are our finalists for Best Branding.
Best Branding
Centum Streetwise Mortgages
DLC BTB Mortgage Solutions
First Foundation Residential Mortgages
Invis - Knockout Mortgages
MCC, Mortgage Brokers City Inc.(Mortgage Brokers Ottawa)
Mortgage Teacher
Safebridge Financial Group
Verico Dreyer Group Mortgages
Verico iMortgage Solutions
Verico MBT

The winners of these -- and a number of other -- categories will be announced May 9 at the Canadian Mortgage Awards; the event that caps off the Mortgage Summit, set to take place May 8. Click here to reserve your table for both of these CMP-powered events.

PWC will act as the official ballot accountants of the awards, ensuring fairness and accuracy.
  • KJL 2014-03-28 1:17:18 PM
    I would hope that those who are voting have a very close look at these specific nominees. There are those who excel in what we do each and everyday of our lives, and then there are the others ! Know you will do the right thing !!
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