B-20 revocation, greater builder competition needed – Mattamy CEO

B-20 revocation, greater builder competition needed – Mattamy CEO

B-20 revocation, greater builder competition needed – Mattamy CEO

Mattamy Homes founder and CEO Peter Gilgan is the latest industry player to weigh in on the need to repeal B-20.

The head of the largest residential homebuilder nationwide said that the regulations should be relaxed, or even eliminated altogether.

“Ownership is something that young Canadians aspire to, and I hear it all the time from people that they want to buy a house, they like the price that we’re able to offer them… but qualifying for that mortgage at two per cent over the actual rate is holding them back,” Peter Gilgan told BNN Bloomberg. 

The much-tightened mortgage qualification rules introduced early last year have been roundly criticized by market observers and industry movers alike for being too punitive, despite helping moderate the country’s hottest markets.

“I think that [B-20] did a job, maybe a little too good a job of cooling the market. I think it’s time for [those stress tests] to go away,” Gilgan added.

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Gilgan also called for greater competition in the residential development sector, as monstrous delays between home construction and sales have become “bizarre and quite pervasive.”

“Imagine if you have to hold an asset for another 10 or 15 years,” he stated. “Your costs of holding that asset are significant, and that affects the input costs that you have to put into pricing the house.”

The executive further argued that intensified rivalries and arms races between builders will ultimately benefit the market long-term, and might even encourage greater purchase volume.

“I love to compete ... Let’s create more competitiveness in the real estate economy. We all know what competition is going to do. It’s going to bring prices down into a more affordable zone for more young Canadians.”

  • Bryan 2019-03-20 10:03:08 AM
    The stress test was a mistake from the beginning, obvious to everyone. The Liberals refuse to admit they made the mistake and now are trying to buy votes with a program for first timers. All they would need to do is increase the amortization period to achieve the same thing and it would help everyone, also would not require any additional money from Govn't/tax payers. If the feds truly want to protect everyone from pending financial disaster then they should have capped unsecured debt like credit cards, car loans or cell phones. (that last one may sound strange but I see it all the time) If you truly want to protect the market and people from a massive housing correction then bring in higher min downpayment amounts, especially for higher valued homes.
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