Award hopefuls look forward to Friday night bash

Award hopefuls look forward to Friday night bash

Award hopefuls look forward to Friday night bash

Ajay Kaith has been nominated for the Lender BDM of the Year Award for the third straight year, and he hopes three’s a charm at tonight’s 12th annual Canadian Mortgage Awards.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully winning after my third year in a row being a finalist for the best lender BDM,” said Kaith, vice president of business development at Oppono Lending Company. “I’m hoping to take it home this year. If I do win, it will not only be important to me as an individual, but to my entire team.”

In the past, CMA winners have gleefully advertised their awards in their marketing materials and in their email signatures, and Kaith say he’ll be no different.

“It’s definitely a huge accomplishment as an individual award, but it definitely means a lot to my company. I’d be proud of that award and I definitely will let everyone know that I won this award.”

Verico Streetwise Mortgages has been nominated for the Award for outstanding Customer Service (Individual Office), and the company’s president and principal broker says the event will be an opportunity to hobnob with peers.

“I aalways look forward to meeting fellow industry professionals at this event,” said Dalia Barsoum. “That’s always a big thing. Also celebrating with my team—we’re still going to celebrate because we were nominated but if we end up winning it will be a big honour and achievement for our team, so I’m looking forward to knowing the results.”

Alison Lopes of DLC Premier Mortgages is up for the Mortgage Broker of the Year Award (25 Employees or Fewer), her first nomination, and says that, given the tough competition, she’s honoured.

“It’s quite the honour to be placed in this category,” she said. “Obviously, there are a lot of brokers and it’s a competitive market, so it’s an honour to be recognized in such an esteemed class of brokers.”
Win or lose, Lopes says the night is an opportunity to celebrate the year that was with peers and thank them.

“I’m looking forward to seeing some other brokers, connecting with people, enjoying the evening and socializing, and seeing some of my colleagues and friends in the market,” said Lopes. “Some are colleagues, some are friends; it’s a good time to see them and be part of that group. It’s just a fun evening.”


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