Association renaming initiative announced

Association renaming initiative announced

Association renaming initiative announced This latest move by one of the nation’s national broker associations may help the industry become more recognizable to average Canadians.

The provincial members of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association (CMBA) have all added the CMBA moniker in a bid to create more unity among the brands.

“The name goal here is to garner the efficiencies. We’re working together on a national advertising campaign; this allows us to run one commercial,” Samantha Gale, executive officer at MBABC, told “We can do a national buy across the country and it’s just a more efficient way to promote brokers to the public. The point behind the MB is to make mortgage brokers more recognizable to the public.”

See below for a list of the associations and their new names.

“Utilizing the common CMBA name will enable all provincial CMBA associations to share in cross national advertising campaigns for television and other media, share in branding initiatives, and to better coordinate other joint projects in order to promote the use of mortgage brokers to the public,” CMBA said in a release.