Association launches aggressive ad campaign

Association launches aggressive ad campaign

Association launches aggressive ad campaign For many brokers, the biggest complaint is that enough isn’t being done to promote the broker industry to consumers. One broker association is hoping to rectify that.

“MBABC will be launching a consumer awareness campaign to promote the mortgage broker to the public on an unprecedented scale in our industry– a sustained yearlong campaign in both print and television, wherein we make the mark of the MB something for the public to look for in choosing a mortgage broker,” Samantha Gale, CEO of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia.

Thursday marked the 25th anniversary of MBABC’s incorporation and to celebrate it announced a year-long advertising campaign that will be featured in numerous British Columbia media, including Global TV, Shaw Media, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and CBC.

“MBABC banner advertisements will alternate on the front page and in the New Home section in both The Vancouver Sun and The Province encouraging potential mortgage borrowers to look for a member mortgage broker today,” an official release states. “The MB logo – which is also being used by the recently launched CMBA -- will be featured in all of our campaigns so that members can be clearly identified.”

MBABC will also feature a television commercial on both Global and Shaw. You can see that commercial below.
B.C.’s market is soaring in terms of sales and housing prices, so brokers will surely appreciate the boost the series of ads will give to business.