Are emails the ultimate time waster?

Are emails the ultimate time waster?

Are emails the ultimate time waster? A new study has revealed that the average office employee receives a staggering 1,738 inane emails every year – many of which would be better expressed in person.

Trivial topics like “please sponsor me” and “happy birthday” topped the list of most irritating messages, while emails with subject headings such as “the printer has broken” and “can we turn the air con down?” are often completely ignored.

The study found that, in a typical working week, the average employee will receive 36 emails deemed “futile”.

A third of the 2,000 office workers polled admitted there was someone in their team who is known for sending pointless emails and 50 per cent said they have colleagues that frequently copy in “everyone and anyone.”

Not surprisingly, 53 per cent of those polled said they wish everyone picked the phone up and spoke more to one another but, somewhat alarmingly, a full ten per cent of respondents said they felt “scared” to do so.

The study also revealed the following:
  • 25 per cent are usually emailing because they are talking about someone behind their back.
  • 24 per cent said they like to appear as if they are working, when in reality they are just typing emails to their pals.
  • 67 per cent said they sent more emails than they make phone calls.
  • 70 per cent said emailing is just easier.
  • 20 per cent said they felt less confident on the phone.
The poll also compiled a list of the most pointless emails workers had ever received. Click below for the list.


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