And the Top 10 brokers are...

And the Top 10 brokers are...

And the Top 10 brokers are...

The top 10 brokers on this year’s CMP Top 50 Brokers list, really upped their game in 2010. Nine of them topped the $100-million mark, with the top three going over $200 million, including the No. 1 broker, Gord Pipkey of VERICO Mortgage Services in Richmond, B.C.

“I’m shocked and honoured by this result,” said Pipkey, who has been a mortgage professional for over 25 years. He crdits his success to being a bit old-fashioned. “If I did a good job, I always said, ‘Someone will come back to me.’”

Now in its fourth year, the CMP Top 50 Brokers survey, in partnership with FirstLine Mortgages, saw an increase in submissions as well as a surge in funded volumes across the board.

Last year’s No. 2, Jim Tourloukis of Advent Mortgage Services in Unionville, Ont. Was bumped to third by Dan Eisner of True North Mortgage in Calgary. Rounding out the top five was last year’s winner Calum Ross of Mortgage Professionals Inc. – The Mortgage Centre in Toronto and Collin Bruce of Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors of Edmonton, Alta.

The rules for submitting were straightforward: you must be employed as a mortgage professional able to write loans and the deals must have been personally originated by you (back-office support in processing the loans is acceptable, but no other parties have been paid commissions on the deals).

We went to confirm figures submitted by everyone with brokerage head offices and lender underwriters. We recognize that although numbers are paramount when it comes to ranked lists, there are complexities to any survey and reasons behind every ranking.

A high volume and a large number of deals can indicate that you are doing something right to stand out from the crowd, be it launching a clever marketing campaign, tapping into new referral sources, building a list of “niche” clients or simply providing top-notch customer service. It also, in many cases, speaks to a mortgage professional’s hard work over his or her years in the industry.

Here is the final 10 on the CMP Top 50 Brokers list:


10. Nicole Drummond, Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source - $98,392,750

9. Richard Kitts, Tristar Funding The Mortgage Centre - $100,180,000

8. Scott Travelbea, Dominion Lending Centres Travelbea & Associates - $110,547,834

7. Dave Butler, Mortgage Intelligence - $122,183,347

6. Paul Gazzola, Mortgage Architects - $130,570,000

5. Collin Bruce, Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors - $137,281,939

4. Calum Ross, Mortgage Professionals Inc. The Mortgage Centre - $170,327,966

3. Jim Tourloukis, Advent Mortgage Services - $212,927,433

2. Dan Eisner, True North Mortgage - $254,687,751

1. Gord Pipkey, VERICO Real Mortgage Services - $263,461,354