AMBA & IMBA partnership aims to better market brokers

AMBA & IMBA partnership aims to better market brokers

AMBA and IMBA have come together in a partnership to strengthen support and educational opportunities for their members – but also with the potential to better market mortgage brokers.

“We share many challenges and see the real benefit of being able to work collectively on professional development and as a joint voice to regulators,” Albert Collu, president of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario, told “There is also the potential to work together on marketing  to consumers, to help raise the profile of mortgage associates and agents. It will emphasize the advantages our members offer consumers such as choice and convenience.”

The partnership, in fact, evolved over the last two years in discussions between IMBA and AMBA, said Collu.

It deepens ties that already existed between the two provincial associations, which will remain independent organizations.

They will, however, move to share educational, training and professional development resources. The intention is not only to create uniformity in content, but to raise the knowledge and professional standards of mortgage brokers and associates in both jurisdictions.

The move comes on the heels of provincial reciprocity agreements that make it easier for brokers to win licensing in other provinces, although no one regulatory issue spurred formation of the partnership, said Collu.

Still, the more-formal relationship should strengthen individual efforts to lobby government around educational standards as well as policy and compliance issues.

The partnership will likely see AMBA and IMBA better align themselves and their members on key issues: Mortgage Investment Corporations, RRSP tax and mortgage rule changes, Errors & Omissions insurance, fraud awareness and self-regulation.

“AMBA is committed to our mission and goals of the association and this partnership with IMBA brings together two associations whose continued success hinges on the ability to innovate and to respond to industry change,” said AMBA President Paul Bojakli, in announcing the partnership last Friday “It’s our goal to better the industry and through teamwork, I truly believe we will enhance industry professionalism.”


  • Dean Koeller 2011-10-25 4:20:05 AM
    It is great to see our provincial associations working together to further the possibilities and the resources we have. There is no need to duplicate what one association is doing, we should be working together to further the interest of our industry. What I would like to see is CAAMP take a leadership role in working with our industry to build strong resources for the provincial associations. This would be a great direction for our industry to take. But until then I am happy to see AMBA and IMBA take that leadership role, not only on this issue but other issues including the impact of new Federal budget rule changes that will impact private lending in Canada.
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  • Cynical Broker 2011-10-25 7:28:19 AM
    Dean, you make a great point - but with only 5 of the 15 CAAMP directors as actual in-the-field Brokers and Agents, do you actually think that will ever happen? I'm happy that my provincial association has decided to work more closely with another, especially since I think the people in each association can relate to each others' issues better. Let's see where this leads!
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  • AMP Broker 2011-10-25 2:31:13 PM
    They should disband and let CAAMP run the show.
    Jim and michael are doing a great job for us and
    Are worth every penny
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