One-stop digital real estate shop

One-stop digital real estate shop

One-stop digital real estate shop A Montreal-based real estate company is streamlining the home buying process to include everything from selecting neighbourhoods and real estate agents to lenders and mortgage professionals.

NestReady, a real estate website that already successfully matches homebuyers—particularly those from out of country—with suitable neighbourhoods and real estate agents servicing those areas, is expanding services to include mortgage lenders. The company has already recruited Meridian Credit Union, and intends to add more lenders to its roster.

NestReady’s CRO Marcos Carvalho told that lenders put great effort into converting website visitors into clients, and that NestReady’s apparatus is already well-suited to the task.

“We can easily white label and plug directly into the lender’s website to help them better serve their client, so it becomes a collaboration where every player involved in the home buying process wins,” said Carvalho. “If I’m the client of a bank or credit union, or I’m engaged on a mortgage company’s website, I want that product to better serve me. NestReady is a more optimized real estate website, so it would integrate not only my needs for real estate—which is searching for properties, learning about neighbourhoods and contacting a real estate agent—it orients me throughout the mortgage process.”

When shopping for a mortgage, a homebuyer’s primary objective is securing the best rate from their primary bank or credit union. According to Carvalho, NestReady gathers the very data that allows lenders to better understand their clients and get them that rate.

“The consumer wins big time because of that; the lender wins because they get to better understand their client and build loyalty with them along the way; and the real estate agent also wins because they have the opportunity to better serve the most qualified home buyers on the market.”

Furthermore, mortgage specialists also build relationships with real estate agents in the process.

NestReady has already partnered with a slew of lenders south of the border, and in Canada Meridian is one of the first lenders to sign on. One reason, say’s Meridian’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Wealth Dilys D’Cruz, is because millennials and first-time buyers will benefit greatly from a streamlined service like this.

“First-time buyers have to find a real estate agent, so they can link into NestReady’s agents,” she said. “They can start the process of looking for properties, then find an agent, and can also figure out how much they can afford using the mortgage calculator. They have links to mortgage specialists, too. I think this makes the whole process so much easier, because it’s at their fingertips. And millennials will love it because it’s in line with how they think.”

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