Additional shakeup at the industry’s largest association

Additional shakeup at the industry’s largest association

Additional shakeup at the industry’s largest association Just over a year after Mortgage Professionals Canada’s president left for new pastures, another leader departs.

Cindy Freiman, former director of marketing and communications with Mortgage Professional’s Canada (formerly CAAMP), is no longer with the association.

The news will likely surprise many in the industry; Freiman spearheaded Mortgage Professionals Canada’s rebranding in late 2015.

It’s the latest in a series of big changes within the industry’s largest national association. Along with the aforementioned rebrand, Mortgage Professionals Canada also lost its long-time president Jim Murphy last July.

It wasn’t until February of this year that the association named his successor, Paul Taylor.

Taylor could not be reached for comment; however, a company rep confirmed Freiman’s departure without releasing details.

“She’s no longer with us,” Alison Cousland, manager of marketing and communications at Mortgage Professionals Canada, told

Cousland also said she was unsure at this time about any plans to replace Freiman. spoke with Freiman, though she declined to speak on the record.
  • Concerned Mortgage Pro 2016-08-08 10:31:26 AM
    This is really unfortunate for the industry. Cindy has long been an advocate for mortgage agents and brokers and was the first at the association who shared the value of a mortgage broker through public relations, advertising and marketing campaigns. She took it through a successful rebranding and finally the association was starting to be valued by brokers. Cindy was the most recognizable face of the association and she will be missed.
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  • @MortgagePro10 2016-08-08 12:39:56 PM
    Hopefully we see Cindy pop back up in the industry very soon. As the above comment alludes, she is a boon to spreading the message of the value of using mortgage brokers and a great, great person in general. Best wishes on life's next chapter Cindy!
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  • Ron Butler 2016-08-08 2:11:54 PM
    My observation was that Cindy did a very good job and she was an asset to MPC. Here's hoping she gets a new spot in our industry and continues to make a contribution.

    Regrettably, Top Leadership at MPC does not do itself any favors by some of their recent moves: the off and on Vancouver Forum, the down grade to a 2 day Forum from 15 years of a 3 day meeting with zero comment until the agenda was published. A fairly muted reaction to all of the recent BC changes. And now Cindy is gone. Here's hoping we start seeing some real positives out of MPC very soon.
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