A tale of two private sales

A tale of two private sales

A tale of two private sales As more companies dealing in private sales enter the market, homeowners are being tempted by the low-cost offering. But what do brokers – whose clients are interested in private sales – need to know?

Selling a home is relatively easy, so why not embrace the new offerings. That is the view of Nathan Dautovich, a representative from Property Guys, which helps home owners privately list and sell their homes.

“There’s definitely a little bit of work for home sellers,” he told MortgageBrokerNews.ca’s sister publication, Canadian Real Estate Wealth.. “It’s about four to six hours a week. Other than that, we set it up in a way that we maximize the exposure. Our clients have access to the data and to lawyers.

“They have to do the showings, but aside from that, there’s not much time sacrifice.”

Dautovich says that Property Guys helps its clients in any way it can: listing the property on MLS and on the company’s website, they provide signs and an online marketing campaign.

“We do all the same things as a traditional Realtor, plus quite a bit more,” he said.

Most of the sales of which he is a part don’t have an agent involved at all, he added. “Every buyer has the internet and is looking for properties every day. So they’re more willing to set up a sale with the seller privately.”

However, Janette Graf-King, a Realtor with Re/Max, told CREW that companies that facilitate private sales are not as user-friendly – or as cost effective – as they seem.


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  • Larry Frondall 2014-06-18 11:37:31 AM
    I understand that sellers want to save money and they think that they can negotiate and navigate the sale themselves. However, no one seems to think of Security when they sell without a Realtor. When you open the door of your home to a potential buyer, what do you as the seller know about that person? Are they simply casing the joint for a robbery the minute you leave the place? Are they checking you or your family out for an Assault at a later time? I know the odds of this are low, however, we have had this happen in Calgary and we have had a Realtor slain a few years ago in a property that was listed for sale. When I had my real estate license, I would interview all buyers for almost two hours, getting their ID and checking them out before I would put them in my car to even look at properties. When you sell yourself, you don't have that luxury. Again, I know the odds are low that this might happen, but who wants to risk that?
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  • Clayton Carby 2014-06-18 12:00:32 PM
    This is a very informative article, however you never answered the question in the first paragraph. "But what do brokers – whose clients are interested in private sales – need to know?"
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  • Julie Cooper 2014-06-18 12:00:54 PM
    Larry! I was just thinking the same thing. As popularity rises in FSBOs, criminals will also start targeting more, in my opinion.
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