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  • Should industry re-focus its recruiting methods?

    A new broker recruitment initiative established in Australia could be easily adapted for Canada’s market, according to one broker, who is already applying a similar approach to his own recruitment efforts.

  • Have your say: Flaherty unsure of 2015 election run

    Some may rejoice at Jim Flaherty's recent announcement that he is unsure whether he will run for Finance Minsister in 2015 but could a new finance minister have a more negative effect on the mortgage industry?

  • Broker frustrated by auditing double standard

    One broker is frustrated by what he perceives to be a double standard when it comes to how brokers are audited compared to their banking counterparts.

  • Participant in ex-NFL player's mortgage scam sentenced

    A real estate consultant has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after prosecutors say he helped five people – including a former NFL player – commit mortgage fraud.

  • Network head: Alternative lending key to success

    Brokers prepared to dismiss B and C lending may be handicapped in 2014, with one major network head suggesting those brokers who embrace alternative lending will find themselves at the head of the pack.

  • Be like Branson and strengthen your brokerage

    An Influencer series on LinkedIn has seen some of the world’s top businesspeople – including Richard Branson and Lex Fenwick – reveal their hiring techniques. Would your brokers be up to scratch?

  • Broker not intimidated by rate sites, buydowns

    Despite increasing competition from rate sites and competitors buying down rate, one leading broker sees the changing industry landscape as an opportunity to refocus business.

  • Rate hike expected to affect affordability in many markets

    In its latest housing affordability report, the Royal Bank of Canada predicts interest rates will soon rise; putting housing affordability in many markets across the country in jeopardy. Should brokers expect an influx of business in the short-term?

  • 2.99 returns; sparks competition

    Brokers are used to having the best rates available in the market but for now it looks like they’re being beat out by one local credit union; though it appears it may have sparked another “rate war,” with one leading broker offering a competitively priced product.

  • Brokers feel the buydown heat

    It may be the broker equivalent of the canary being sent into coal the mine with early results from the Broker Sentiment poll suggesting industry players are feeling the effects of having to buy-down rate to stay competitive.