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  • Credit union facing renewal fee concerns

    A credit union in B.C. is now fielding broker concerns about the “full-commission” renewals of a discontinued program – an offer that was nonetheless in play at the time of funding.

  • Help for brokers from an unlikely source

    A market effectively closed to brokers – developer subdivisions – may indirectly be putting more money into their pockets.

  • Brokers applauding Marketplace investigation

    Brokers are applauding CBC’s Marketplace for its investigation of collateral charges at a major Canadian bank.

  • Lender maximum buydowns under the microscope

    There’s growing debate among some brokers as to whether lenders should remove maximum buy-down restrictions and allow them -- and only them -- to decide just how low to go to retain a client.

  • Broker Sentiment Poll identifies crossroads

    Brokers are increasingly diversifying their product offerings to accommodate a slow market, with today’s launch of the CMP Broker Sentiment Poll set to quantify just how far down that road they’ve travelled.

  • Brokers, prepare to eat your words?

    Doubting Thomases may well have to eat their words, with a number of Invis/Mortgage Intelligence brokers having already won deals through the company's new relationship with a rate site.

  • 'ING brokers,' you have company

    ING brokers in Canada meet ING brokers in the UK, now feeling your pain as they learn of their own departing lender.

  • Street sweetens the compensation pot

    Street Capital is among those offering brokers an additional 10 basis points on some fixed mortgages, the move helping build an increasingly competitive and lucrative market.

  • Mazel tov, Saskatchewan brokers!

    It’s much warmer than cold comfort, say Saskatchewan brokers, grappling with a slowing market but finally seeing home prices grow closer to the national average -- along with their commission cheques.

  • Refi changes come home to roost

    A new report identifying a spike in consumer loans may be the strongest indication refinance rules are forcing Canadians into higher-interest borrowing.