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  • Grewal: brokering needs more BAs, BComs, BSc's...

    The channel needs to actively reach out to colleges and universities to find better brokers – but also to convince those bright minds of the industry’s career potential – according to the head of one of the biggest monolines.

  • New twist on rate sites draws broker concern

    Brokers are already fearing the loss of “client ownership” with the launch of a new website by the people behind – specifically a web portal helping calculate and arrange the closing services of lawyers and appraisers.

  • Last year’s top broker steps aside, wants someone else to win

    This may be good news for some of you, but one of the more controversial and successful brokers in the channel has decided that he won’t put his name forward for CMP magazine’s Top 75 broker list this year – not because he doesn’t have the numbers, but because it would be like comparing apples to oranges.

  • Don't let lower volumes deter you from Top 75, says broker

    Lower funded volumes shouldn’t deter brokers from submitting for the CMP’s Top 75 list, says one broker, as it may indeed be a sign that they are actually strengthened their business model not weakened it.

  • What’s the odds on ‘MCC’ by 2014?

    Amid congratulations for Dominion Lending Centres and president Gary Mauris comes speculation on just how long The Mortgage Centre will remain a distinctly separate entity.

  • Time to fight back on penalties, says broker

    One broker has decided that enough is enough, and that it is time for brokers to fight back.

  • Bored with retirement, broker becomes a Top 75

    At age 44, Ken Lankin took a golden handshake from Beneficial Finance after 25 years of service and moved to Florida to retire. That didn’t last long.

  • Lock in now, economist advises brokers

    The author of a recent B.C. Real Estate Association report is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to predicting interest rates.

  • Broker wants answers from TD on deal reversal

    A Waterloo-based broker has one question: What changed to make the same bank approve a deal that had been repeatedly rejected when he presented it?

  • CREA May numbers mixed

    New residential listings inched upward for May compared to the same month last year, thanks to a significant drop in B.C. homes on the market, according to the latest numbers from the Canadian Real Estate Association.