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  • Realtor refutes TD’s over-valued market report

    A respected Toronto-based Realtor says the Canadian housing market is not overvalued, despite a report from TD Bank that claimed prices are 10 per cent higher than they should be. But will brokers agree?

  • Daily Market Update

    Vancouver realtors enjoying three year demand high ….. why paying off the mortgage quicker may be bad for your golden years… and why real estate is taking to the skies…..

  • Certain buyers don't understand credit

    A recent study points to the importance of advising clients on the impact credit scores have on attaining a mortgage – especially for millennial home buyers.

  • Reverse mortgages up

    Reverse mortgages are up 26 per cent year-to-date, according to HomeEquity Bank; which dredges up an ongoing debate about the value of such a product.

  • Canadians paying off mortgages faster

    Record low interest rates are helping Canadians pay off their debt faster, but cheap borrowing costs are not enough to overcome the red hot housing sector, according to a new survey.

  • Daily Market Update

    Could the Bank of Canada actually CUT rates? …. Calgary sets new records… and should rules on condo ownership be standardized ?

  • CAAMP crunches the rate discounting numbers

    CAAMP’s comprehensive quarterly report, entitled “Looking for a ‘New Normal’ in the Residential Mortgage Market”, points to just how prevalent rate discounting is across Canada.

  • Brokers to fight over fewer mortgages?

    Housing inventory across Canada continued its declining trend in April 2014, marking four consecutive years of shrinking housing availability.

  • A new type of mortgage provider?

    In today's market it's all about the banks vs. brokers but younger customers say they are open to considering a third option.

  • Daily Market Update

    Despite a rise in inflation and some slow growth figures for the first quarter of the year, interest rates are unlikely to change on Wednesday…. CMHC market share falls…. And why homeowners should protect the title to their properties….